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Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Sheerness - Isle of Sheppey

ME12 2BE

Sheerness and the coastline around the town is one of the best fishing spots on the Isle of Sheppey.  The water is surprisingly deep which draws in larger fish in good numbers.

There are a few good sports to park that you can find easily on Google Maps etc.  The beach is flat in most places with plenty of space to fish from.  

It can be worth taking a couple of rods, one set up fairly light for flatties and smaller fish.  The other rod is worth going heavier with to target the bigger fish.  Its possible to get Skate and Cod off the beach, fish over 4lbs are not unheard of.

The summer brings plenty of Bass and Flatties, fresh crab will always work well for this with a  calm evening session being particularly enjoyable.