Fish Kent

Your guide to fishing in Kent

Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Broadstairs and the surrounding bays such as Joss Bay and Botony Bay are some of the most picturesque fishing marques in Kent.

You can fish from the pier and wall at Broadstairs or off the beaches or rocks in the bays.  The water is deeper than the North Kent coast but there is still a fairly high tidal variation.

Some big bass fall from this area each year with crab and worm working well.  Cod, Whiting, Pouting and Dogfish show in good numbers along this coastline.

Parking can be troublesome in Broadstairs at peak times and the bays get very popular in summer.  But with a short walk you can normally find yourself a good fishing spot at all times of year.

Fishing off the rocks under the cliffs can be very productive but do take care to watch the tides and make sure you don’t get cut off.

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