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Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Birchington on Sea


Birchington on Sea is and Minnis Bay are worth exploring if you are looking to try somewhere different.  The topography of Kent starts to change at Birchington with the famous White cliffs making their first appearance.

The water is still relatively shallow and the tide will still recede some distance exposing mud and some rockier areas as well.  It is worth exploring the area first on a low tide to learn the less snaggy areas.

Fishing can be good on this stretch of coast with good schools of Bass coming through in the warmer months.  Moving into winter and the colder seas will produce good Codling in the right conditions.

Being on the North Kent coast a North or Northeasterly wind can make fishing very uncomfortable and is worth avoiding.  Although fishing just after a good storm can be very productive.

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