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Kent is home to thousands of small streams, ditches, dykes and tributaries that are full of fish.  The marshy land that can be found both north and south of the downs are prime areas to explore these waterways.  An ordinance Survey map or some time spent on Google Earth is a good way to investigate and locate some of these waters.  Just make sure before fishing that you have permission to be on the land or that the waterway is not controlled by a club or syndicate etc…

You can expect to find a wide range of species present in a lot of these waters.  Roach, Rudd and Tench are common as well as Pike and sometimes Carp and Chub.  You will be surprised at the size of fish it is possible to catch from even the smallest stream.  Many fish move out of the main channels of rivers or canals into the smaller tributaries to seek shelter in flood conditions, to seek food or spawn.  

A mobile approach can be the most productive and enjoyable to target these waters.  You may need to walk some distance so keeping tackle to a minimum makes things easier.  A small float or pole set up will often work well with just some basic baits such as corn or bread.  If you located a deeper or larger stretch of stream or canal it can be worth pre-baiting the day before fishing to draw fish into the area.

I’ve had some amazing roach fishing sessions on some small ditches on the north Kent coast.  The fish were in perfect condition and were surprisingly easy to catch having never seen a hook before.

So if you fancy something different or a change in pace to your usual style of fishing its well worth exploring some of the counties smaller waterways.  These small waters really can hold some big surprises.