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Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Longshaw Fishery - Canterbury    


Longshaw Fishery is a truly superb complex just of Calcott Hill near Herne, with Carp over 20lbs, Tench, Bream, Chub and some of the most amazing Roach fishing in Kent where a 2lb+ fish is a real possibility. Conventional match tactics work well but step up to stronger line if targeting the carp. The two larger lakes hold the bigger fish with a heavy feeder against an Island or reed bed working well.  

Day Tickets available on the bank

Full rules and prices available at the Fishery

View of the main fishery complex

Woodland lake - Located at the far left of the complex, looking from the car park, this small lake hidden in the trees offers great fishing on lighter gear. Carp, Road, Chub and bream can be caught close to banks on either a match rod or pole.

The two larger lakes hold the bigger fish with Carp to over 20lbs and a good head of Tench Bream and large Roach.  A heavy feeder fished close to an Island or lily bed works well.  The huge Roach, which can easy top 2lbs are well worth targeting lighter gear, try using large bread flake or cockles for bait.  Some monster Gudgeon are also present and can be found down the inside line, a light float and maggot fished on the bottom work well.

The Match style lake located at the far right of the complex hold a good head of Carp, Chub and Bream that can be caught best on convention match tactics.  A long pole fished against the far bank with a well presented bait.  Fish just over depth with a continual feeding from a pole cup each put in.  The inside line works well in non match conditions but switches off when the lake is under pressure.