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Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Lavender Farm - Whitstable  

ME13 9JH

Lavender Farm Fishery is a popular match style Carp fishery offering two well stock lakes.  Located just off the Thanet way near Hernhill in picturesque apple orchards. The fishing is fast and frantic with large bags of Carp, often to over 100lbs caught.

Lavender is well stocked with Carp up to 20lbs but most of the fish are between 3lb and 8lbs.


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The newer lake at Lavender Farm, nearest to the motorway, is laid out in a winding snake like design.  This is well suited to the long pole with all swims having a noticeable feature in front of them.  Either an island or submerged shallow bar will give you an obvious target to concentrate your feed to.    

Aerial view of Lavender Farm fishery.

Lavender Farm fishery responds well to the usual match Carp style tactics.  In the colder months try fishing very close to a feature of just off your own bank.  Find the drop off on the left or right inside line as feeding Carp will patrol these spots all year round.

The feeder can work well with a bigger bait fished into the deeper water to target the bigger fish.  The main lake is deceptively deep near to the damn wall and getting a bait to the bottom on a float rig is not always easy, especially in the warmer months.