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Fish Kent - Your guide to fishing in Kent

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Bax Farm Fishery - Teynham   


Bax Farm Fishery has 4 lakes and a stretch of slow moving stream approximately half a mile long. The first two lakes hold a good head of Carp with fish over 20lbs the third lake is a match lake with a good head of smaller Carp and silver fish. The stream contains, Chub, Carp and Silverfish. The usual Carp or match style tactics work well at Bax Farm Fishing lakes.

Day Tickets - Available on the bank


Barbless hooks only

Fish to be returned immediately - no carp sacks

No excessive baiting

No litter to be left. Please use bins provided

Unhooking mats must be used

No unattended rods

Contact - 01795 520 887

View of the main fishery complex

The two main lakes closest to the car park hold the biggest fish with Carp to over 30lbs having been caught.  A 20lb plus Carp is a real possibility but can prove hard to catch than you might imagine from such a small lake.  You need to present your bait well with minimal resistance.  Try to keep feed in a tight area and don’t be afraid to experiment with different hook baits.  Hair rigged luncheon meet works well especially if a little extra flavour is added like curry powder.

Tackle Shop

Bax Farm Fishery has an on site tackle shop open 7 days a week. No need to worry if you run out of bait or have left something behind.

This smaller lake furthers from the car park offers good fishing on lighter gear.  Worm or maggot fished on the inside line work particularly well.

The Stream - The section of stream makes a welcome change from the more commercial style lakes on site.  You can hide yourself away from the other Anglers and really enjoy the peace and quiet.  The stream can be a little swimmy but keep the feed going in and some good fishing can be had.

Farm Lake - This pond offers a good head of small fish ideal for youngsters or those days where you want to see the float go under.  Light gear, corn or maggot fished over hemp or pellet will keep the fish biting.